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Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

- Peter F. Drucker

Change is Good. Embrace change.

Business Planning


  • Be more competitive
  • Deliver stakeholder promises
  • Improve customer experience
  • Captialize on advantages



  • Sieze opportunities
  • Avoid threats
  • Improve upon weaknesses
  • Leverage strengths



  • Volatility and variability directly affect you
  • Identify and reduce risks so that resutls are more predictable



  • De-risked bottom-line
  • Improvement of top-line
  • Faster times to market
  • Invest instead of spend (for a yield)
  • Strengthen balance sheets
  • Better and faster decision making
  • Pivot business plans faster, nimbler
  • Happier customers (equals increased loyalty and spend)
  • More effective management team and workforce

Process Enablers

Line of Business

  • New data is created.
  • Databases are acquired.
  • Metering of devices publish data faster.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is contributing to increased data creation.
  • Raw data is modified to create new states of information, such as the update of customer records in your CRM system.
  • The key in this aspect of the model is the human interation of underlying data to either create new data or develop new ways of viewing and consuming data.
  • Business Intelligence through reports and dashboards are top choices for the consumption of data.
  • A growing field is data science yielding meaningful analyis of data patterns to learn more about your busines, your customers or both.
  • Interpretation of facts and figures is the crucible from which everything is finalized.

Backoffice Systems

  • All aspects of your Data Lake must be made secure and retained in secure storage and transmission.
  • At some point, data becomes stale and less releveant than the cost of keeping it active may exceed it's immediate value -- archiving information when it is not imminently useful.
  • When that time comes, data-at-rest may have a greater storage liability(cost aside) if it were to escape it's protective containment.
  • Because data must be stored somewhere, you need to provide "care and feeding" of the Data Lake systems doing what they must so that you can count on them being available.
  • Standing still in a world of constant change isn't an option; you will need to upgrade, enhance, add capabilities, and develop ways to leverage emergant opportunities and avoid imposing threats.
  • Some people call these projects.We call them a survival necessity.