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Making Real Time Business Intelligence a Reality

Microsoft Azure IoT

Measure in Real Time

In many cases, older generation equipment may be generating reams of data but are not connected to the Internet, and you miss out on the performance optimizing opportunity.

It may be necessary to find creative ways to connect existing or new sensor data sources to observe your business in real time and take evasive action in moments leading up to potential problems.

That's where the Internet of your Things comes in.

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Microsoft SQL Server

Store & Analyze in Real Time

Collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data in the modern Data Lake must be done in real time.

Named the #1 solution for Online Transaction Processing by Garner, SQL Server 2016 enables high performance data storage and business intelligence at high speed.

Combine that with the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud, and you're solving your Big Data challenges in real time!

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Microsoft Power BI

Take Action in Real Time

Are you still solving today's problems with yesterday's news?

Microsoft Power BI is the solution you need to solve two key problems: making your data available in real-time and making it possible for your people to find what they need on their own.

With Power BI, gone are the days of the massive multi-year dashboarding or reporting projects. On-premise data combined with the power of the cloud puts your team back in the driver's seat!

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