Software for the Enterprise

Doesn't just mean Enterprise Software.

Small Business

Up to 50 staff members.

SmallBusiness400x300.jpgAnyKey understands small business challenges because we are a small business.

Long term business strategy for a small business means "how do I find my next customer and make a sale today"?

You're likely not going to spend a lot of time thinking about I.T.  You don't want to spend a lot on computers and software, definitely want your staff to be productive their entire work day with little technical interruptions, and your customers to enjoy a positive experience with your business.

We help small business make incremental changes to keep the lights on while doing what we can to provide cost-savings in the long run.

Medium Sized Business

From 50 to 250 staff members.

MediumBusiness400x300.jpgManaging growth and capability without breaking the bank is a challenge for medium sized enterprises.  Most companies of this size have begun to formalize internal I.T. departments and have noticed their I.T. spend become more than just a "rounding error" on the P&L.

Companies of this size are particularly at risk to cost inefficiencies.  This is because most deals you can make with vendors straddle "tiers", causing you to either pick either an expensive option that fits your company now or a slightly more expensive option that provides unrealized surplus capacity.

Working with AnyKey, we can help you avoid last minute surprises by building 3-year I.T. strategic plans that align to your company's enterprise software spend with your business plans. 

Large Enterprises

Over 250 employees, or multiple sites.

BigBusiness400x300.jpgThere's a different dynamic when it comes to managing common and disparate business needs in multiple offices, regions, countries and continents.

Business needs at this stage become less than "generic" and often times your approach to business are at the core of your competitive advantage and unique value proposition.  That's why you need to consider specialized care to your special requirements.  Erase the clutter of the Enterprise Applications space and concentrate your manpower on what you already do best.

Solutions by Business Activity


What would an increase in customer retention of 10+% be worth to your business?

Taking advantage of modern “schools of thought” and lean operations with scalable potential is the way to minimize your total operating costs now and tomorrow.  

Growing organizations need to expand without taking on unforeseen risks such as ongoing commitments or support costs if circumstances change down the road.

Cost Cutting

Whether it’s time to spend smarter, spend less or spend differently, AnyKey can help you achieve your expected ROI with fewer surprises and without the headaches.  Working on your behalf, we can ensure the total cost of ownership is easy to follow and easy to understand.

Unique Business Challenges

When you are facing competitive or strategic challenges that need a unique solution, we can help you analyze the situation, design a solution and either facilitate a purchase or develop the solution to satisfy the business need.

Implementation and Integration

Selecting a Software for the Enterprise is daunting, no doubt about it.

Making your business work with the software is an entirely different matter.  Careful reflection on business processes and interfaces with other systems is how AnyKey can ensure you maximize your investement with minimized business disruption.