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Cost of Dirty Data

According to some sources, 90% of all data ever created has been created in the past 2-3 years. That is an amazing and challenging figure to comprehend.

There are many direct and indirect sources of cost that come from dirty data. Some obvious. Some, not-so-obvious.

As more and more data is being generated, and organizations continually move to self-service options, data is increasingly less reliable and that is costing more because of the many duplicates and errors in the data.

Download our free brief on the costs of dirty data. This brief covers some real examples of how failure to address dirty data can affect you and how taking small actions can have surprising upside benefits to the bottom line.

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What you will get:

  • A 5 page PDF download that covers a very public case of how Dirty Data directly impacted the bankruptcy of one company.
  • Understand pitfalls from that case.
  • Learn about the top 8 sources of costs from dirty data.
  • Read a case from how one of our clients acted on a small scale and had big impacts to the bottom line.
  • Discover the stages of Data Governance Maturity and where your organization is at.
  • Hear advisory from the experts on how to get started on your Data Governance journey so you can bring your data to life.

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