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Strategic Data Enabler with SQL Server 2016

AnyKey's approach to problem solving includes taking a 'precision strike' approach. Each proposed action is explained in detail so that it's clear how it will affect the systems before making changes.

  • AlwaysOn & High Availability - Get into a high availability configuration without the guess work, in a predictable and reliable way.
  • Business Intelligence - Deployment of Business Intelligence along with gateway connectors needs to be done without missing the mark on performance.
  • Cloud Migrations - Hybrid and pure cloud strategies both have landmines that nobody wants to set off. Knowing the limitations and what to expect from the Cloud makes migration possible.
  • Consolidation and Rationalization - No matter the size of the organisation, there is almost always opportunity to consolidate and rationalize underutilized assets for a significant savings opportunity.
  • Dev Ops - Application Review - Application developers who publish applications have unique challenges. Optimization of data models, queries, indexes for a secured and performant user experience takes a great deal of skill.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning - Organizational data and its operational readiness in the event of a disaster needs to be planned carefully and in a manner that results in achieving recovery time and recovery point objectives.
  • Footprint Reduction - Data sprawl and overcommitted storage is a killer when cramped storage rears its ugly head.
  • Licensing Review - If you're unsure how much sprawl you have in your environment, let us build out your SQL Server asset list.
  • Performance Improvement - There are a number of contributing factors that lead to high performance of a SQL server or SQL farm. When users complain, and you see low CPU and Disk I/O, what do you do to remedy the issue? We can give you performance enhancing solutions and coach your team on techniques.
  • Storage Tuning - One of the most important aspects for a highly performant SQL farm is how the data storage platform is architected and configured. Over time, additional workloads change and storage performance can suffer. But it doesn't have to.
  • Virtualizations - Migrating from physical to virtual hosting is an effective strategy to get the most from asset investments.

enterprise focus

Our focus is to generate solution documentation that a comprehensive I.T. enterprise team could execute the recommendations with internal or third party support.

We look, listen and develop a written road-map of next steps for the client for a specific SQL Server strategy.

AnyKeyDBA for Enterprise

AnyKey's Enterprise Solutions are geared towards larger I.T. departments with different network, servers, virtualization, storage and database teams.

Our engagements are structured with a database-team in mind and working out from that context, often engaging across team boundaries. AnyKeyDBAs work is based on trusted best practice from industry on top of our internationally proven patterns.

AnyKeyDBA for Corporate

AnyKey's Corporate services are geared towards I.T. shops with a more integrated and smaller team where people wear different hats.

Because the SQL footprint isn't extensive, the typical organization in this group has expertise to run SQL but needs some outside assistance to coach them into success with some of the more advanced features of SQL.

SQL Server Solution Inspirations

We've been on both sides of the consulting engagement. There's nothing worse than engaging a consultant that provides detailed analysis but outlines no practical means for you to achieve success in delivering on those recommendations.

The AnyKey team takes a pragmatic approach and makes options clear and relevant to how you do business. We provide consultation on solutions that fit with the way you run your shop.

Our recommendations accommodate for your operational change management, compliance, security, availability, disaster and resource management.

Because, context matters!

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